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David Carr

For the past 12 years, I've been developing applications for the web using mostly PHP. I do this for a living and love what I do as every day there is something new and exciting to learn.

Sandeep Panda

I run which surfaces the best developer stories and discussions from around the world. This is my personal blog (powered by Hashnode) where I share what I build.


Design systems with React @auth0 ∙ running + @stackstickers + @atinyconf on the side ∙ past: frontend architect @practo

Steven Ventimiglia

Front-End Developer & Creative Strategist

Milica Maksimović

I'm a marketer, technophile, gamer, coffee lover, geek and a bunch of other things. Feel free to send me a message on Hashnode or follow me on other social media. 👩‍💻

Marco Alka

Software Developer

Syed Fazle Rahman

I am the co-founder of Hashnode, a community for software developers. We are passionate about making a friendly and inclusive network for programmers. I frequently post on Web design & UX.

Kleo Petrov

Professional Human Being for 27 years.


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Get a free subdomain. Optionally, bring your custom domain and get Free CNAME pointing.

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Your blog is unique and yours - but it's deeply integrated with Hashnode. All the blog posts appear on the feeds of Hashnode users.

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We built this product to help developers blog freely in a clutter-free environment. Making money from blogs is not our business model.

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Write your content in Markdown and see live previews instantly. The editor is distraction-free and fully supports Markdown. Embed code snippets, quotes and much more.

Focus on blogging

Focus on writing and publishing. We take care of the tech side of things and give you the best tools for the job.

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You retain all the rights to your content. Download a copy of all your posts from the dashboard with a single click.

SSL by default

We provision SSL for free - it doesn't matter if you are using our free subdomain or a custom one.

Add your personality

Select a theme from infinite HEX colors, change the logo, add a favicon and do more customizations. Make it yours.

Embed third-party content

From Google Analytics to a custom newsletter widget - embed everything on your blog!

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Giving more power to your blogs

What's is a friendly community of developers that surfaces the best discussions and stories from around the world. You can discuss, blog and share news with the community.
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What's is a hassle-free and customizable blogging service provided by It lets you create a personal dev blog and makes it accessible from your custom domain in seconds. You need a account to create a blog. Both are deeply integrated and your blog posts are automatically pushed to the community at for more visibility.

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